UTOOL 18PCS Steering Hub Suspension Shock Absorber Strut Nut Removal Tool Socket Kit

We offer a complete line of suspension services, including repairing, rebuilding, and revalving of shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers of all major manufacturers of motorcycle and car suspension. It's alright because we will subtract the excess oil later on. Once the oil is in the fork, it is time to bleed the damper rod. You can see it's easy to remove the cotter pin and castle nut now that pressure is relieved from the spring. Fork Rebuild - includes disassembly, complete cleaning, polish fork tubes, inspect, measure service limits of parts, bleed with new fork suspension fluid and set oil level in forks.

On page 5 of this story, I told you how I removed the front leaf spring without the use of a special tool for that process. Springs are under pressure at all times, even when the vehicle is parked. Tighten the tie rod locking nut - this time, use two spanners, one on the nut and one on the tie rod end.

Remove the wheel and tire assembly. When it comes time to assemble, make sure that the control arm bolt flats are in the correct position and seated flat against the frame or a sudden change in vehicle control can be experienced. Remove pivot pin bushing clamp bolt in upper control arm, then remove both pivot pin bushings from upper control arm, and remove rubber seals.

01: Here are all of the components that Zip supplied for the front suspension rebuild: Springs, power steering pump, ram, valve, hoses, idler arm, drag link, tie rods, sleeves, control arm bushings, bumpers, stabilizer bar bushings, end kits, shocks, and all of the mounting hardware kits.

How is your ball joint attached to the control arm? Rear suspension disassembly begins with rear spring unloading. Removing the bushings from the A-arm side brackets is a big pain as they seem to be on with 10k lbs torque. 26: Install the new ball joints into the arms and torque them to specs.

Separator forks such as the Lisle Stepped Ball Joint Separator are extremely useful for applying the leverage needed to wedge ball joints out of their sockets. Remove tie rod end from steering arm - may be easier said than done. Remove the top strut-to-body mounting nuts.

After you've removed and installed the new shock or strut, you'll be ready to install the new rear springs. The spring isn't very difficult to depress, but you will need the special fork spring compressor tool to hold everything in place while you remove the fork cap (red) from the damper rod (blue).

Pry the rear end of the strut rod down and out of the mounting bracket, and slide it to the Suspension Disassembly rear and out of the control arm. A few whacks should loosen it. If you can't get it that way, you must drive a balljoint separator between the a-arm and the ball joint.

The jack must be located under the control arm- where the shock absorber mounts "D". This location, along with longer spring bolts will lower the rear of the car between one and two inches. Springs absorb the energy and shocks control the release of that energy. Tip: You'll have to use your jack to support the lower control arm in order to remove the springs, so make sure you place a few jack stands under the vehicle for support.

Some of the automotive suspension parts we sell are standard duty springs, heavy duty springs, lift springs, lowering springs, shackle kits, u-bolts, rubber bushings, polyurethane bushings, individual front end parts and front end rebuild kits. 1. Emotive suspension - Lightning's front wheels can move in 2 axes, mimicking what you see in the Cars movie, giving this toy a life-like quality.

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